Rolling Backpacks: Your College Companion

rolling backpackCollege is a time to explore, discover, learn and enjoy. To make the most out of this special time of life, a rolling backpack may just come in handy. It not only accommodates all your college gear, but takes the load off your shoulders too.

Brands like Olympia, J World, Everest, Travelers Club, CalPack, Eagle Creek, Victorinox, High Sierra, Rockland, Jansport, Eastsport and others offer some great rolling backpack options for college students. Combining the best of design and functionality, these backpacks are available in a wide range of styles, colors and features. The packs are made from strong materials like rigid polyester and the like.

Highlights Of Rolling Backpacks

Rolling backpacks come on wheels along with the padded shoulder strap option and hip belts too. They may have multiple zip pockets, a separate provision for a laptop, padded side sections, recessed handles, side mesh pockets for water bottles, soft and noiseless wheels for easy control and maneuverability, organized front pockets for stationery, keys etc., internal organizers for a more systematic storage and convenience and many other features. It is always helpful to buy in accordance with your requirement.

The Buying Guide

The rolling backpack has to be chosen according to the load you need to carry, so do check the load rating for the pack. Go for a trendy look as college is also synonymous to the hot and happening, more like fashion statements. Though the backpack would have wheels, yet it is wise to pay attention to the shoulder straps too as you may need to carry your backpack once in a while especially across crowded hallways or unfriendly terrains. Ergonomics of the backpack is an important criteria in its selection.
Also remember a good quality rolling backpack can also double up as your flight luggage, so choose well and take on college like never before!

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